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About Gmod Free

If you still haven’t heard about Garry’s Mod let me tell you more about this one of a kind game. The thing that is making it different and unique is the fact that you can perform anything you want there are no limits to your desires. You are in control to make everything you want the way you want it to be, for that reason there are many people who love playing it. It is commonly known as Gmod.

Our team has been working non-stop to develop this product that we are finally able to offer you free of charge. We are happy to say that our work paid off and present to you Gmod Free originally developed by Garry Newman as an expansion for popular game Half-Life 2.

We would also like to inform you about all the possibilities in this game, there is absolutely no chance you will get bored even if you are playing it alone since you will find a large amount of features and options that you can have fun with. Add many friends, because more friends mean more fun! As I already told you there are no restrictions, so build everything the way it suits your needs. Enjoy the all extremely entertaining things Gmod is offering you without spending any money!

Features Included in Garrys Mod Free

Extraordinary Gaming Experience

Sandbox Game With Limitless Possibilities

Smooth Graphics Engine

Online Mulitplayer Mode 

Playing Gmod Free Online

We understand that you might have concerns about will you be able to play with your friends if you download our version, and they already have their paid original and I am here to tell you there is nothing to worry about. Of course, you will be able to play with them and experience all the benefits of this game and have fun with your buddies.

The truly amazing thing about our Gmod Download free is the fact that we have found the glitch to around the system and made it identical to the original form of Garry’s Mod game, except for the paying part of course.The multiplayer feature is included in the cost-free pack, and it allows you to play with your friends.

When you download this file, you will be provided with all the instructions in “” text file. Make sure to read it before installation in order to avoid making any mistakes during the process. One more thing that is different compared to the original version is that you can play it immediately without logging in server.


gmod free main menu

New Main Menu Design Addon

gmod free single player

Endless Possibilities in Single Player

gmod free online

Online Servers List

The answer is very simple. Everyone loves being in control and having limitless possibilities when it comes to what they want to do and how they are going to do that. Once you start playing this game, you will not be able to get enough of it. The game is more than 10 years old, but constant updates and add-ons are there to make it stay fresh and interesting. The number of users doubled over the years, and that is one more fact that proves how entertaining this game really is.

You are able not only to play as you like but also to build by your own design and that will most certainly enhance your creativity. In Gmod game, you can make your dreams come true by creating a vehicle you’ve always wanted to see, you can even build a space rocket if you like- you are free to design anything! If you think Garry’s Mod Free is only about building, you are very wrong.

We are offering you feature that will allow you to play all kinds of different modes. You can choose whether you would like to fight the zombies and survive the apocalypse, or play football. If you prefer mystery and solving a crime you might become a detective and try to find a murderer, or you can be a bad guy trying to escape out of jail. All these modes can be played online with your friends and other users what makes it even more thrilling! Both you and your buddies will have a great time for sure!

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User Testimonials

Guys at work were constantly talking about Garry's Mod and I decided to try it but wasn't eager to pay. This is a perfect solution, I can play online and I got it for free, many thanks to Gmod Free team.


I love the zombie survival mode, I played left 4 dead 2 for a long time and got fed up with it, but Garry's Mod came as a good replacement! Thank you for making it free of charge and keep up the good work.


You can really set your creativity free in gmod. It is like Minecraft but on a whole new level, you can literally do anything you want, and you get all that without spending any money! You are the best!


Get Gmod Free Today and Discover a Whole New and Exciting World!