How to Make a Gmod Server Without Using Steam

First, let’s say a few things about Gmod: Gmod, short for Garry’s mod, is a first person sandbox game, focusing on the idea of building. Gmod is a unique game because there aren’t any objectives. You can’t win or lose in this game.

It is a game that you can play through Steam, but that does not always have to be the case. If you or a group of your friends would like to play this game on a private server, but are unsure how to make one, then you are at the right place.

With our knowledge, that we have decided to share with you all, creating a Gmod server without the use of Steam was never easier.

The first thing you have to do is download the LogMeIn Hamachi program. LogMeIn Hamachi is a professionally-developed, virtual networking service that, once downloaded, takes minutes to setup,  without any technical knowledge. This program will allow you to create a server or connect to your friends’ server without worrying about strangers popping in unannounced in a few easy steps.  The best thing about hamachi is that it works with free version of gmod, or any other cracked game.

  1. Download LogMeIn Hamachi

  • Download the program for free; you can do that by clicking here.
  • After that, all you need to do is install it by following the install instructions.



  1. How to create your Network

First, we have to say that the free version of Hamachi has a limit of maximum five members, and that’s including you.

  • Open the Hamachi program and find a button on the top labeled “Network.”
  • Click on it and then find the “Create a New Network” button.
  • Give your network a name and a password.
  • Remember this password as your friends will need it to be able to connect to your server.
  • Once the host shares the password and the network address, the rest of the players have to open the Hamachi program and select the “Join an Existing Network” button on the top.


Now you have a ready network, and all that is left is to host a game. You need to be in-game to do so. Whoever wants to host should open up the Gmod game and click on “Create a new single player game.” As a host, make sure you don’t check the box for the “Local server game.” If you do, then only the players in your LAN can join and nobody else. Also, players have reported lower lag when the host enables the “Developer’s Console.”

To enable the console hit ESC button -> Options -> Keyboard menu section, then on the bottom, click on Advanced and check the box “Enable Developer’s Console (~).”


  1. How to join the hosts game

  • Have the Hamachi running in the background with all the earlier stuff done and join the Gmod game. – From there, first enable the “Developer’s Console” by going to Options -> Keyboard menu section, then on the bottom click on “Advanced” and check the box “Enable Developer’s Console (~).”
  • Now press the console button (~), it’s right next to the number 1 key on the top left side of the keyboard. Once the Console pops up, you need to write the network owner’s IP, not your own.
  • Type “Connect *HostIPaddressHere*”. To get the host IP address, you need to open up your Hamachi, look up the name of the host from the list of the computers connected to the network. The IP address is next to their name, and it always starts with 25. (e.g. 25.321.32.32). That’s the number you need to input in the Developer’s Console after you type Connect.

Let us give you an example, write (without quotes) “Connect 25.321.32.32” (but make sure you write the host’s IP correctly.) Once you join the host will notice a “Player *name* has joined the game” in the corner of his screen. After a couple of minutes, you will join his game and from then on you can have fun.

hosting server gmod

Finally, let us give you some tips and tricks on how to fix the issues in-game that happen to some players.

  • If you get “Connection Failed After 4 Retries” just restart your internet modem.

If the problem persists, have everyone joining the network restart their machines including the host. It fixes the issue 90 % of the time.

  • If you get “*player name* has been kicked because of too many LUA Errors”, as host type in the console (without quotes) “sv_kickerrornum 0”. This stops the server from kicking players when they receive LUA errors.
We hope our guide was helpful to you and that you can now enjoy a game of Gmod with your friends hosted without Steam.
Have fun!

How to Build Cars in Gmod? Step by Step Guide

build cars gmod

Whether you’ve just started playing Garry’s Mod or consider yourself a longtime fan, you know there are virtually no limits to what you can build in this amazing sandbox physics game. The best thing about it is that you can download gmod for free!

That’s why we have decided to put together a little tutorial on how to make cars. We want to open up new possibilities for fun in Garry’s Mod and help you get those wheels rolling.

To keep it quick and simple, we’re going to start by showing you how to create a car in a few easy steps.

1) How to make a basic bathtub car

  • To make the vehicle’s base, you can use almost any flat, large object as a chassis, including various box-shaped props.  We’re going to do this with a bathtub for style points. Enter the spawn menu by pressing and holding “Q” on your keyboard and spawn one.
  • Using the physics gun lift it off the ground and freeze in midair with your right click so you can work on it more easily.
  • Go into the spawn menu once again to pick your wheels. There’s a “Wheel” category in the “Tools” part of the menu, under “Construction.” When spawning wheels, they’re going to be welded either to an object or the ground so spawn them when you are ready to assemble the car.
  • Bind keys for their backward and forward movement in the tools menu. Adjust the torque to be about two-thirds of your friction for starters. Later you can tweak and play with these values to get the feel you want. By approaching the wheels with your character and holding “C” on your keyboard, you can always enter the context menu. how-to-make-a-car-in-gmodhow-to-make-a-car-in-gmod
  • Make sure your wheels are moving in the same direction by pressing the buttons you’ve mapped in the last step, and adjust them in the settings. To achieve this, you might need to spawn new wheels or alter the way they are facing by clicking the ”use” button when you’re attaching them to the chassis.
  • When you’re happy with the way the wheels work, set no-collide to on.
  • Lower and unfreeze your bathtub hot-rod onto the ground and take it for a test ride!

For more fun, you can try putting thrusters on your car and tweaking them for some crazy speeds. Don’t forget about the “vehicles” tab of your spawn menu either. You can find a list of chairs as well as many other things to further tweak your car. You can also make ramps or gravity defying tracks.

Remember, these are just the basics. You can make so much more, and your imagination is the only limit. To give you an example, we’re throwing in a tutorial on how to make an RC car so read on!

2) How to create a Radio controlled car

  • Spawn a crate, box or tub from the spawn menu and put some wheels on it. Set forward movement to “8”, and reverse to ”2” when key binding.
  • Put a pair of thrusters on your vehicle. This time on the sides so that you can steer, instead of the back for more speed.
  • Left thruster key binding should be set to “Push 6, Pull 4”. The right thruster key binding should be set to “Push 4, Pull 6”, the opposite value of the left one.
  • Try them out to see if you can turn, and tweak them to your liking. radio controlled car gmod
  • Download the RT Camera add-on for your Garry’s Mod
  • Place the camera on your car, look through it using the Numpad. When you’re happy with the angle, weld it to the vehicle with your gun tool. Keep in mind that you can only use one RT camera at a time, even if it’s turned off.
  • Find a spot to spawn a table and put a monitor on it. You will use this to control your car remotely and keep up with the action.
  • Make your car indestructible with the magnetize tool and don’t forget to have lots of fun!